Ted Charles Brown


Ted, originally from Iowa City Iowa, was always interested in theatre. Starting in highschool by being onstage, he then found that he much more preferred to be a part of the storytelling happening offstage.

At the University of Iowa, Ted studied design and technology in the undergaduate program. He worked as an electrician at the University theatre, opera, and dance department as well as the local theatre and also designed at the University and community theatres in the area, always focusing on telling a story with an interest in injecting technology in a meaningful manner.

In his last year of college, Ted participated in URTAS to consider graduate schools, finally deciding to instead move to New York City after spending the summer (2018) at the Williamstown Theatre Festival where he furthered his education as both a programmer and master electrician.

Ted is now based in New York City working as a freelance assistant and programmer, working in the City, LORT theatres around the country, Vegas and LA for corporate events, and abroad.

In his free time, Ted enjoys learning new things, video games, and visiting his parents and their dog in Michigan.

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Recent Work:


The Rose Tattoo | Designer: Lucy Mackinnon | Roundabout Theatre Company | Programmer (Watchout)
Microsoft Ready / Inspire | Corporate | Programmer (GMA2)
Mojada | Designer: Stephan Mazurak | The Public | Programmer (Watchout)
Plasticity | JD Whitman | Silbersalz | Programmer (Isadora)
Promax 2019 | Corporate | Drafstman / Programmer (EOS)
Hi, My Name is Ben | Designer: Andrew Bauer | Goodspeed Musical Theatre | Programmer (Watchout)
Sweeney Todd | Designer: Paul Whitaker | Asolo Rep | Programmer (EOS)
Plano | Designer: Isabella Byrd | Clubbed Thumb | ALD / Programmer (EOS)
Mrs. Murrays Menagerie | Designer: Mike Inwood | Ars Nova | Programmer (EOS)
White Noise | Designer: Lucy Mackinnon | The Public | Programmer (Watchout)
Macbeth | Designer: Oona Curley | Trinity Rep | ALD


Ninja New Years | Corporate | Draftsman / Programmer (EOS)
The Hello Girls | Designer: Isabella Byrd | Prospect Theatre Company | ALD / Programmer (EOS)
Turing Test | Designer: Ted Charles Brown (Lighting) | FringeNYC | Director: Taylor Edelle Stuart
Williamstown Theatre Festival | Supervisor: Brandon Bagwell | Lighting Intern
A Midsummer Night's Dream | Designer: Ted Charles Brown (Lighting + Video) | University of Iowa | Director: David Lee Painter