Here. A Collaborative Performance (Premiere)

University of Iowa

Space Place (12/1/16)

“The process of this specific collaborative project has been aided in large part by an agreed upon grounding within a text submission by one of the collaborators. The text is a musing on humanity’s place in the universe, both individually and as a species, and has served as the foundation for the work that will be performed. It functions as a lens through which efforts have been focused, and is the frame for the larger question ‘why are we here,’ again, both individually and as a species. It is also worth noting that the production, though not entirely specific in both question and answer, makes use of very specific foundations in science and the humanities for both inspiration and execution.


The argument could be made that there is no possibility of determining the answer to such a question, but art, individually and collaboratively, makes clear that it is the asking of the question rather than the answer which means more in defining our existence."