A Midsummer Night's Dream

University of Iowa

Mabie Theatre (4/20/18)

Director: David Lee Painter

Assistant Director: Hunter Menken

Assistant Director / Dramaturg: Morgan Grambo

Scenic Designer: Nic Wilson

Costume Designer: Catherine Parrott

Assistant Costume Designer: Lindsey Kuhn

Sound Designer: Wade Hampton

Assistant Sound Designer: Harry Daley-Young

Lighting Designer: Ted Charles Brown

Assistant Lighting Designer: Ryan McElroy

Second Assistant LD: Jacob Sikorski


"The lighting, by Ted Charles Brown, is a revelation. It wonderfully emphasizes the emotions of the characters. Sometimes, the lights feel as if they are almost another character in the show. There’s lot of little subtle and smart moments. For instance, a couple of different times, an actor would sing a final note, and as the note lingered, the lights would slide over to the next actor just in time for them to continue the song. That sort of precision is almost never seen on our stages in the area and I for one loved it. We need more of Ted Charles Brown lighting design on our stages, so the lights are instrumental to a show, and not an afterthought."

-Iowa Theatre Blog